Bruce Willis Beams Weather Report onto His Head

Prankster Bruce Willis put his bald head to good use on Thursday night when he donned a green swimming cap and pretended he could pick up weather forecasts on it.

The movie star was appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, where he had previously made many hilarious entrances in various costumes, and joked about his latest innovation.

He told host David Letterman, “I’m always working on my head technology. I did a green screen picture last year called Sin City with Robert Rodriguez down there in Austin (Texas), and while I was down there we worked out a couple of things. He saw that I had some head problems.

“I worked with him, I worked with ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) and I worked with the AccuWeather people (forecasters) and what I can do with this baby, among other things, I can actually broadcast weather reports right off my head.”

Willis then bowed his head and a weather forecast was beamed onto it.

And the trickery didn’t stop there—Willis also joked about his new iPod-like invention, the iBruce. The actor claimed he had programmed 60,000 songs into the device—an action toy he insisted was a miniature copy of himself.

He told Letterman, “This will be out for Christmas for about $4,000, I really wasn’t able to work out a deal with any bands… It’s just me singing a cappella.”

Willis gave Letterman the iBruce as a gift and then handed him a joke three-DVD box set of his much-maligned movie flop Hudson Hawk and a $20 note as an early Christmas gift to the late-night chat show host’s two-year-old son Harry.

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