Bryan Cranston To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

bryan cranstonI started watching Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad the Saturday before the Emmys because everyone was saying he was going to win his third Emmy, and I wanted to see if he deserved a third win even more than Jon Hamm was worthy of his first. Not only did I learn Breaking Bad is an outrageously good show (…but the plot is so simple! A chemistry teacher who cooks meth!), I learned Cranston’s a great actor, has a bald head that’s better than the one Ving Rhames AND Michael Clarke Duncan would create if they cultivated one in a greenhouse, and that we should be able to Multiplicity him.

But it appears that’s already happening, as TV Squad reports this morning he’s agreed to host Saturday Night Live on October 2nd. Breaking Bad creator Vincent Gilligan said he was confused as to why Cranston wasn’t asked to host the show earlier, because he would “hit it out of the park.” Even though he plays a cancer-suffering honcho on AMC, he has experience with comedies from his appearances on Family Guy, Malcolm in the Middle, and Seinfeld.

Then yes, a gig on SNL seems logical for a guy who has probably spent the past few days attachign an Emmy to his bike and using it as a kickstand.

Source: TV Squad