Bryan Cranston to Voice a Superspy on ‘The Simpsons’

Corey MatthewsBryan Cranston—striking dramatist, master comedian, television legend, cinematic goldmine, actor, director, screenwriter, horse whisperer, tornado chaser, presidential hopeful and one of the five people you meet in heaven—will now be taking on voiceover work in the show about which it’s been said, if you’re asked to do a guest role, you know you’ve made it. Of course: The Simpsons.

The superhero’s Breaking Bad acclaim has carried him far. He’s been tapped for a slew of projects currently in production, including Total Recall, Drive, World War Z, Contagion, Rock of Ages, John Carter, Argo, and Red Tails (many of us are still grieving over his dropout from Gangster Squad). Furthermore, a fifth and final season of Breaking Bad was ordered by AMC and Sony. And now, he’s headed for Springfield.

Cranston’s Simpsons character is an interesting one: he’ll play Stradivarius Crane, who is a “Hollywood superspy” conjured up by Homer’s concussed subconscious. Yeah, he’s pretty much Homer’s imaginary friend (or psychotic delusion) whose goal is to mold Homer into an irresistible charmer for Marge’s benefit.

What we can hope for: producers decide, after the series finale of Breaking Bad, to give Cranston a new live-action series as this Stradivarius Crane character—an imaginary debonair secret agent who travels from subconscious mind to subconscious mind of lowlife strangers, turning their lives around. Make it happen, America. We need it now more than ever.

Source: EW