‘Buffy’ Star Juliet Landau on Her Comic With Joss Whedon: Exclusive!

Julie Landau Buffy ComicsAfter seven seasons and 144 episodes, cult hit Buffy The Vampire Slayer slashed through a lengthy roster of villianous characters, and one remains synonymous with the series to this day – even though she only showed up in a small fraction of those 144 episodes. Just the words “Vampiress Drusilla” will send a shudder of fear and excitement through any seasoned Buffy fan. So it should come as no surprise that woman who played the character like a fiddle, actress Juliet Landau, is using that clout (or terror, depending on your angle) to create a five-volume mini-series for Dru as an offshoot of Joss Whedon’s Dark Horse comic book Buffy-verse. According to Landau, this series has seen Whedon’s guiding hand “since its inception.” So, rest easy, Buffy fanatics. 

Landau exclusively tells Hollywood.com about the comic’s development and the territory it will cover. Drusilla has such a hold on fans, even nine years after the finale wrapped, and Landau is in tune with what makes her so remarkable: “I think she is a wonderfully rich character. She has all of these fascinating contradictions,” she said. “She’s a villain but she is also sweet and childlike. There is an uncapped sensuality to her. She a creature you can’t quantify and remains a mystery. And she’s eternal…”

But what would a conversation about the mini-series be with out a little golden nugget of intel? Landau can’t give it all away – what would be the fun in that? – but she did dangle a few little details. “It picks up right after the Angel & Faith series. It literally starts with the culmination of that story. You will get to see a lot of different facets of Dru, which has been very interesting to explore.” She promises that while Dru’s world is a “special” one, it will fit right into the Buffy-verse. 
There we have it. Buffy can’t exactly blast back onto the small screen to deliver the “What happened to Drusilla?” story line (though many fans would hungrily gobble it up), but we can enjoy the proposed history from the woman who knows her best.