Cameron Diaz Performs Surgery On Jon Stewart: Late Last Night

I admit it, I’m not the bravest person when it comes to watching surgeries. Squeamish is an understatement. So, when I saw Cameron Diaz removing Jon Stewart’s stitches, I nearly threw up. A manly man, I am.

Keith Olbermann was on-hand last night on Letterman to deliver the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Watch Keith Olbermann’s New Show. How convenient. Not being one for politics, I’m not too familiar with Mr. Olbermann’s style, but does he always look like he wants to rip your head off?

Meanwhile on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Day showed off some crazy tattoos some of his fans have gotten. Knowing the kinds of people that watch It’s Always Sunny, those weren’t the craziest he’s seen. Those were just the ones he could show on network television.

MUSIC BREAK! Florence and the Machine were on The Colbert Report and you should definitely rock out to ‘Dog Days Are Over’ even though it’s been on pretty much every commercial for the past six months.

MORE MUSIC/COMEDY! Now I could’ve shown you the clip of Larry the Cable Guy on Conan last night but I respect you too much. Instead, we have Reggie Watts doing his odd combination of music/comedy/improv. It’s kind of crazy that even with a few band members backing him up, he’s still a living one man band.