Camille Grammer to Return to ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ After All

Camille GrammerBack in March all Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans shed a little tear when we learned that Camille Grammer wouldn’t be returning to the show. At the time she said the show took her away from her family and she was sick of it (and we’re sure the enormous divorce settlement she got from divorcing sitcom star Kelsey Grammer means she doesn’t need to do the show at all, if she doesn’t want to).

Now E! reports that she’ll be back for season three. She’s not going to be one of the ladies holding a diamond at the beginning of the show (goodbye forever, “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend…freedom is”), but she’ll be making cameos throughout the season, including as a guest at Kyle Richard’s birthday party, which she attended this past weekend. It sounds like she’ll be like Dina Manzo from Real Housewives of New Jersey or Jenna Keough from Real Housewives of OC: retired screech monkeys who show up just long enough to congratulate their friends, say a few funny things, and maybe get a drink thrown in their face.

Fans love St. Camille of Grammer because she is the only reality star in the history of the world to actually rehabilitate her image while still on the show. Season 1 painted her as a self-involved harpy with no real friends who was undercutting the women at every chance she got. When she came back for season two, she was totally reformed and behaved like a classy voice of reason, calling out her costars for their insane lunacy while staying above the cat fighting fray.

A representative from Bravo/NBCUniversal declined to comment and I reached out to St. Camille (I just lit a votive and prayed and prayed that she would answer me) for confirmation of her resurrection but haven’t heard back. Even if we get a little dose of Camille, having a bit of her in our lives is far better than having none at all.

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