Can ‘Covert Affairs’ Survive This ‘Main Character is Dead’ Arc?

Piper PeraboUSA Network

The spy show Covert Affairs has begun the second part of its season with Piper Perabo‘s Annie Walker living undercover under the pretense of her death at the hands of Hill Harper’s character Calder Michaels. The question is: has the show already reached a creative impasse by doing something like this?

Sure, Walker dyes her hair brown to do her operation, but she doesn’t do anything else to radically alter her appearance. You know, like maybe cut her hair or wear it in a different style… maybe add some jewelry in different places like a nose ring. No, she just looks like Annie Walker…with brown hair. “Um. No. I am NOT Annie Walker. I’m her twin…um. Fannie Walker. That’s right. Yes, my mother was under the influence of drugs when she named us. Why are you aiming that gun at me?”

It’s going to be a difficult thing to pull off for the entirety of a half-season. It’s better than her trying to do it for a full one, but it’s going to require a LOT of suspension of disbelief. Yes, I know, even more so than is already being asked of us. In the first episode (spoiler if you have not watched it yet), Walker manages to stop and grab someone just as he is texting the big bad guy that she is after news that she is actually alive. I don’t know if the show can keep up those ‘close calls’ before we finally just roll our eyes and change the channel.

It’s the fourth season and the show has already done some annoying things like having Auggie and Annie break up so soon after they had spent several seasons teasing us about the two of them getting together. If they want to keep our interest, this storyline had better be VERY good. Otherwise, Annie Walker.. and the show, will be dead for good.

Burn Notice‘s Michael Westen would be shaking his head over this.