Cancelled Shows With Amazing Soundtracks


It can be tough to lose a beloved TV show. It can be even harder when your music collection is full of reminders of shows past, and you can’t hear “Hallelujah,” “Orange Sky,” or anything by Coldplay without sobbing for long lost dramas. Here are a few dearly departed shows with kickass music. 

The O.C.


The amazing teen soap featured many excellent live performances and a sardonic musical trendsetter in the of character Seth Cohen.

Veronica Mars


The soon-to-be revived teen mystery had a cool and breezy, yet memorable, soundtrack, and an awesome intro by The Dandy Warhols.

Gossip Girl


Though flawed in many ways, Gossip Girl had a great, oh-so-cool indiepop soundtrack going for it.



The spy comedy-drama Chuck knew how to use soft indie folk to fill any moment with emotion.

Bored to Death


The under-the-radar comedy had an even more under-the-radar soundtrack. Both the soundtrack and the show are hidden gems.

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