15 Cartoon Characters You Secretly Had A Crush On

Cartoon characters can be attractive. While everyone liked Johnny Bravo and Fred from Scooby Doo, there are a lot underrated, cute cartoon guys. Some of them, you used to totally crush on hardcore. Others, they were your tightly-kept secret. Either way, there is no judgment here.

Twister, Rocket Power


We were probably supposed to crush on Otto Rocket, but he just didn’t do it for us looks wise. Plus, Otto was super competitive and a jerk 90% of the time. Twister was goofy and cute and almost always nice.

Max, A Goofy Movie


So technically, Max isn’t a human. But with Goofy as his dad, it’s pretty hard not to be surprised by how cute Max turned out. A crush is only fair. 

Danny Phantom, Danny Phantom


Danny made life tough. Did we like him better with dark hair or his white, ghost-fighter hair? Those are decisions too tough for a preteen to make. Also, blue eyes or green eyes? We were never able to choose.

Tommy and Dil,  All Grown Up!


The Pickles brothers turned out really cute. Dil was kind of young for us to consider, but we admired his looks and quirky personality. But Tommy, well he was right around our age (since he technically turned 1 in 1991) and we really loved that purple hair.

Chuckie and Phil,  All Grown Up!


Tommy and Dil weren’t the only ones who upgraded to major cuties. Once Phil stopped eating worms, you were able to put him in the crush category. Chuckie’s new glasses were actually pretty chic, too.

Edd, Ed, Edd, n Eddy


With Ed and Eddy as his competition, it really wasn’t hard for us to pick Edd. He’s a cartoon crush we kept a secret for many years.

T.J. Detweiler, Recess


T.J. gave off a bad boy vibe, but not bad enough to actually be a bad guy. He loved recess, you loved recess. You two would have been a match made in kick ball heaven.

Cosmo, Fairly Odd Parents


Cosmo was not very bright. He’s actually the dumbest character on the show, which seems hard since Timmy and his dad are both equally dim, but Cosmo was easily everyone’s favorite. His hair and matching eyes added to his cutness. 

Alden, Braceface


Alden was cute. There is no question there. But this show was vastly underrated, so he might not have been on your friends’ radars. He certainly was on yours. If you had braces back in 2001, Alden gave you hope that boys would still find you cute.

Shaggy, Scooby Doo


Fred might have had his ascot, but Shaggy had unlimited amounts of goofy charm. His red pants and green shirt combo is what stole our hearts. 

Brock, Pokémon


You can have ours. Any day. We still want to be Pokémon trainers and could really use the help. Ash was too annoying to be considered cute.

Gerald, Hey Arnold


This boy was smooth. We don’t care if his best friend was blonde, with a football-shaped head.  Gerald was the interesting one. We would have hung out with him any day.

The Professor, The Powerpuff Girls


Thinking the professor was cute was pretty much same thing as finding your best friend’s dad cute. You didn’t tell anyone, but you couldn’t help how you felt.

Did we miss any cartoon characters that you crushed on? Sound off  in the comments below!