Casey Anthony Biopic: Holly Deveaux Lands the Role of a Lifetime… Movie

Holly DeveauxRelative newcomer Holly Deveaux has landed the lead role in Lifetime’s upcoming TV movie/quasi-biopic about Casey Anthony.

Anthony — as if anyone has forgotten — was infamously acquitted in July 2011 on charges that she murdered her two-year-old daughter, in a trial that, to put it very mildly, aroused public interest.

The movie, Imperfect Justice, will reportedly focus not only on Anthony but also the star attorneys in the case, three of which have already been cast and will be played by some big names: Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Mitchell as prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drake Burdick, and The Office‘s Oscar Nunez as Anthony’s lead defense lawyer Jose Baez (awesome!).

As for the 19-year-old Deveaux — who, it must be said, doesn’t bear much of a resemblance to Anthony, but can hopefully at least pull off her crazy eyes and lack of emotion — her very short career thus far has been filled with other TV movies (last year she starred in TNT’s Silent Witness alongside Dermot Mulroney) and guest turns on TV series like Breakout Kings and Lost Girl.

[Image: WireImage]


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