Cast of ‘Better Late Than Never’ Talk About Season 2


These guys are doing retirement right.

Once you retire there’s a giant question of what now? There’s a lot you could do, but will you?

‘Better Late Than Never’ is about four retired old men who are retired and want to see the world. Those oldmen happen to be some of the biggest in sports and television.  NFL player Terry Bradshaw, Boxer George Foreman, Captain Kirk William Shatner, and the Fonz Henry Winkler team up to check out the world. Season 1 had the old guys go to Asia so what could Season 2 bring?

Europe! In the above interview, the guys give us a look at the locations (Munich, Spain, Morocco, the Alps, Lithuania, Sweden, and more) they go to and what they get into.

Shooting a show while basically being on a vacation is a dream job and these guys worked for it.


‘Better Late Than Never’ starts season 2 with a special preview December 11, 2017 and the season starting January 1, 2018.

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