Casting Roundup: ‘American Idol’ Star Kicks Off The New Year, Sarah Palin Seeks Reality Show

Lauren AlainaThis year’s tenth season of American Idol featured Lauren Alaina, a young country singer from Georgia who seems to have made quite an impression on the Fox network. Although Alaina did not win the competition series, she has been given a starring position on Fox’s special New Year’s Eve telecast, American Country New Year’s Eve Live. Starring alongside Alaina will be another country music star, Rodney Atkins. American Country New Year’s Eve Live airs at 11 p.m. ET on Fox. –TVLine

Sarah Palin is on a mission to ensure that we never forget about her and her family. The former vice presidential candidate is trying to develop a reality series centered around her husband Todd and his career in the world of snowmobile racing. Believe it or not, it’s not exactly the hottest project out there: both A&E and TLC have passed. The latter network was the former home of the reality series Sarah Palin’s Alaska, but I guess they figure that this new idea will palin comparison. Okay, not the best joke ever…I guess you don’t really need to force comedy when it comes to a story about a former VP-candidate making a snowmobile reality show. –Zap2it

Although The Killing left us a bit underwhelmed with its season finale, we can’t say we’re not at least a bit excited for the return of the series in the spring of 2012. One promising feature of the upcoming second season: a guest role for Mad Men recurring player and Desperate Housewives star Mark Moses. Moses will play a new detective, Lt. Carlson, brought on to investigate the murder of Rosie Larsen. The Killing will keep Moses’ character on for at least eight episodes. If we (and he) are lucky, maybe we’ll be seeing Moses making his rounds to a few more AMC series. A zombie Duck Phillips might be intriguing. –THR