Casting Roundup: ‘Dexter’ Star on ‘Good Wife,’ Jim Gaffigan Gets His Own Show

Marsha ThomasonThere are two types of Dexter fans: those who love Jennifer Carpenter—who plays the title character’s guttermouth sister Deborah Morgan—and those who can’t stand her. I subscribe to the former group, enjoying Dex-Deb scenes whenever they are offered. And now, my fellow Carpentrarians and I can rejoice over the actress’ guest spot on The Good Wife. No word yet on what role Carpenter will play in the sordid lives of Alicia Florick (Julianna Margulies) and company, but her episode is supposed to air sometime in December. The Good Wife airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. –TVLine

Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a pretty narrow range of subject matter in his standup: his love of eating, and his aversion to doing anything other than eating. Somehow, this never, ever gets old, and Gaffigan is consistently one of the funniest contemporary comedians out there. Thus, NBC has wisely decided to give the man his own show. Gaffigan will write and star in a new single-camera sitcom. He’ll will play a lazy middle-aged man, living in a cramped apartment with his hot-tempered wife and four children. The plight of the hapless manchild is hardly a groundbreaking plot for sitcoms, but the humor will come from the glory that is Jim Gaffigan. –Deadline

2 Broke Girls is bringing in Marsha Thomason, recognizable to fans of White Collar as Diana Barrigan and to fans of LOST as the acerbic Naomi Dorrit. Thomason will play somewhat of a rival to star Kat Dennings‘ Max. The two will butt heads when Thomason, playing a woman named Cashandra, vies for the heart of Johnny (Nick Zano), whose recurring arc on 2 Broke Girls began earlier this month. As Johnny serves as a romantic interest to Max, Cashandra’s pursuit of him will naturally cause a hefty sum of problems. 2 Broke Girls airs Monday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. –TVLine