Casting Roundup: ‘Glee’ Aims for Ricky Martin, ‘Happy Endings’ Gives Megan Mullally a Partner

Happy EndingsMcKinley High must have a stipulation that all of its Spanish teachers must also have a resume of professional singing. Glee is seeking to fill the seat of a new Spanish teacher with a pop artist who was omnipresent in the 1990s: one Ricky Martin. Martin is in talks to appear on a late-January episode of Glee, wherein he’d participate in two songs. Considering both Martin’s potential guest role and the return of Trouty Mouth Sam (who’ll be vying for Mercedes’ love once again, as reported earlier today), Glee is really pulling out all the stops to make our favorite characters’ senior year a noteworthy one. Glee‘s episode “I Kissed a Girl” airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. -TVLine

All news about Happy Endings instills me with unabashed joy, but this time around, we’re bordering on sheer nirvana. The great and powerful Michael McKean is paying a visit to the ABC series, and in the best kind of guest role: asone of the main characters’ fathers. So far, we’ve met the parents of Max, Brad and Penny (the stellar Megan Mullally, in a guest spot almost as good as her recurring role on Parks and Recreation), and now we’ll be treated to an introduction to Dave’s father, in the form of McKean. And Mullally is back. Dave’s dad and Penny’s mom will come to town on the same episode – and not by coincidence. Mullally’s last appearance on Happy Endings explored her character’s divorce, and the newly single woman has taken up a new romance with none other than Dave’s father. A bit to wrap your head around, I know. But trust me: this is an unstoppable idea. The episode will air in early ’12. Happy Endings airs Wednesdays, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. -TVLine

In new TV developments, we have the Showtime pilot Ray Donovan, which is now set to star Liev Schreiber. The multitalented Scheiber will play a “go-to guy” for the upper echelon of modern day Los Angeles. Schreiber’s title character will solve and coverup the sordid problems in which his wealthy socialite clients often find themselves. Ray Donovan is created and will be executive produced by Ann Bidermann (Southland). -THR

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