Casting Roundup: Katie Couric Nabs Regis’ ‘Live!’ Exit Interview, Banderas Takes On Lifetime

Antonio BanderasRegis Philbin will be bidding farewell to his Live! days on Nov. 18, just under a month from now. While it will be difficult and strange to see him go, we can at least be sure that his goodbye will be treated with the respect it deserves. The night before Philbin’s final broadcast, he will sit down with Katie Couric to undergo his “exit interview,” in a segment called Katie Couric with a Regis Philbin Biography. The interview will likely go into detail on Philbin’s long and impressive career in show business, his personal life, and where he plans to go from here. As Philbin has stated, his exit from Live! does not indicate that he is retiring. He is seeking other venues. And we all wish him the best of luck. Couric’s interview with the entertainer will air Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. –AOLTV

Lifetime is expanding its big name appeal once more. First we got word of a Johnny Depp project venturing to the network, and now there is a deal surrounding American Housewive, starring Melanie Griffith, and produced by Griffith and her husband, Antonio Banderas. The pilot will confront a mother’s difficulties in dealing with children growing up and leaving for college, and those that don’t seem to have as promising prospects. Eclipse director David Slade is in talks to direct. –Deadline

Dharma and Greg‘s leading woman Jenna Elfman will find herself in a rare dramatic role on the final season of Damages. Elfman will portray an investment banker who becomes discouraged by her company’s illicit business practices, and brings them to the attention of a Julian Assange-type, potentially played by Ryan Philippe. Elfman’s character will also have a daughter, reportedly played by Alexandra Socha (The Big C). Damages returns to DirecTV next summer for its fifth and final season. –TVLine