Casting Roundup: Pitbull Might Join the ‘Glee’ Crew, Marg Helgenberger Leaves ‘CSI’

Marg HelgenbergerGlee is always ambitious with its guest casting, but this new endeavor takes it to the next level: the Fox series is reaching for rapper Pitbull (yep) to play the brother of Santana Lopez, who has been a heavy focus of this season. Episodes of late have invested a lot of time in Santana’s coming to terms with her sexuality, and introducing her family will be part of that. We recently learned that music artist Gloria Estefan is in talks to play Santana’s mom, and now the show is looking to Pitbull to join her in an early 2012 episode on Fox. –EW

For the past twelve years, Marg Helgenberger has starred as Catherine Willows on CSI, and she and the CBS series are finally parting ways. Helgenberger’s performance as the character has been celebrated with nominations from awards organizations like the Emmys and the Golden Globes, and victories at the People’s Choice Awards. Helgenberger feels as though it is simply time to move on, and she appreciates the experiences and relationships the show has given her. Elisabeth Shue will be taking Helgenberger’s place on CSI after the latter’s final episode, “Willows in the Wind,” which will air on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. –AOLTV

Modern Family will treat us both to the reappearance of a series favorite, as well as a new guest castmember. The former will be, of course, Fizbo, Cam’s clown alter ego. In an upcoming episode, we’ll learn a bit about Fizbo’s past: he had a partner, who will find his way back into Cam’s life in the form of Bobby Cannavale. We can imagine this being either a happy reunion for the passionate Cam or an explosive conflict, thanks to Mr. Tucker’s dramatic tendencies. Either way, we can be sure that Mitchell probably won’t be too keen on any instigation for Fizbo to reveal himself. Cannavale’s Modern Family episode will air in early 2012, after the series returns to ABC from winter hiatus. –TVLine

Fox’s animated comedy Bob’s Burgers returns after the new year, and it will be bringing with it some small town government officials. Sounds kind of boring, maybe…but these specific government officials come from the very unboring small town of Pawnee, Indiana—the setting of the NBC masterpiece Parks and Recreation. Three of the series’ hardest hitting comedy players will be lending their voices to Bob’s Burgers: Aziz Ansari (who plays Tom Haverford on Parks) will be playing a nerdy teenager who forms a bond with Bob. On another episode, Parks star Nick Offerman (the powerful Ron Swanson) and recurring guest star Megan Mullally (the frightening Tammy “2” Swanson) will play a hippie married couple—quite a stretch from their respectively conservative and evil Parks characters—who hire Bob’s children as “weed pickers.” Bob’s Burgers returns to Fox on Mar. 11. –EW