‘Castle’ Finale: Beckett Reveals Her True Feelings To Castle — Finally!

castleIt’s a tall order to try and top a series cliffhanger like Castle‘s third season finale where Kate Beckett’s life hung in the balance — oh, and let’s not forget Castle’s post-shooting declaration of love. But the show managed to pull off yet another gripping closer for the end of its fourth season. Sure, there weren’t any bullets to chest this time around, but the writers gave fans something they’ve been waiting nearly four years for: a Beckett-Castle romance!

Yes, these two finally laid all their feelings for each other on the table and actually did something about it. And let me just be the first one to say — it’s about time! At first, I was nervous this was going to end up being not as great as I had envisioned, given that I’ve had this relationship up on a pedestal for so many years now. But I needn’t have worried. These two have more chemistry than Breaking Bad‘s Walter White would know what to do with, making their union not only desirable, but pivotal to the show’s continued success.

Let’s face it, this love story needed to reach a new level soon or fans (i.e. me) would start getting frustrated to the point of tuning out entirely. In fact, I was getting nervous we were going to wait for it all to come to a head next season since Beckett became obsessed, once again, with her mother’s murder (surprise, surprise). But thankfully the writers granted us a much-needed make out session between our two favorite partners in crime with the promise of a real romance from here on out. And Castle’s little speech about how he’s more than just her partner was nothing short of adorable. Umm…is it Fall yet?

That’s not to say that episode was only based on this romantic plot line. In fact, at one point Beckett’s life quite literally dangled in the balance when she nearly fell to her death from a high-rise after facing off against her would-be assassin from Season 3 — without backup. Luckily, she was saved at the last minute by Ryan and the Feds, whom he called against her wishes. And while the decision inevitably saved Beckett’s life, it got Esposito suspended and prompted Beckett to resign from the police force entirely. (What the what?) Friendships and careers will definitely be on the line come next season.

And about that leverage that Smith has on the bad guys (you know, the documents that have been keeping Beckett safe this entire season): It’s is about to be ripped from underneath him. After leaving Beckett to hang off the roof, the assassin tracked Smith down, demanding whatever incriminating documents Smith has on his boss. It’s unclear yet if Smith is going to cower to this guy’s demands, but things will certainly be bad for Beckett if he does. After all, without that leverage, there’s nothing keeping her safe, which is ironic (and totally necessary for next season’s drama) since she just decided to forget about her mother’s killer, focus on being with Castle, and turn in her gun and her resignation from the force.

Beckett may not have a bullet in her chest right now, but it looks like another target is about to be placed on her head. You don’t need to be a detective or mystery writer to know that this fairytale romance is far from its happy ending.

What did you think of the season finale? Did it live up to last season’s expectations or did you feel the cliffhanger just wasn’t as griping? Are you happy that Castle and Beckett are finally getting together? Sound off in the comments below!

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