‘Catfish’ Recap: Is There Such a Thing as Catfish Lite?

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If you’re starting a relationship on the Internet, it’s pretty much guaranteed there will be at least one lie involved. Of course, the spectrum of those lies can vary — using an older, 15 pounds lighter photo is a little more acceptable than making up an entire persona. But what if those lies fall somewhere in the middle? A different job isn’t quite as bad as using someone else’s pictures and a fake name.When Mike finally met Felicia in the Season 1 finale of MTV’s Catfish(on a porch somewhere in the South, obviously), the mystery wasn’t quite as exciting as previous episodes. Nev and Max had found out that Felicia was almost who she claimed to be, she was just lying about a few small — but key — facts.

But despite the fact that Mike knew he was flying to another state to meet a person who had lied to him, he was still incredibly excited to meet Felicia. He was obviously totally into her, and wanted to let her explain what she’d been untruthful about rather than believe what Nev and Max told him.

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Of course, when Felicia finally admitted her biggest lie — she doesn’t live in New Jersey, she lives in Orlando — it was a little anticlimactic, considering Mike, Nev, and Max had already flown down from New Jersey to Florida. She was also lying about owning a boutique, which seemed like a bigger lie than the Orlando thing, but whatever.

Mike was mostly upset that Felicia had lied to him because he was still hurting after a bad breakup, but here’s the biggest issue: Lying was “a bad frikkin’ habit,” Felicia admitted, but she’d lied even worse in the past. She had hardcore catfished people since she was 14 (as opposed to this milder version), and because these lies were so minor, she didn’t seem to understand why Mike was so upset. Uh, probably because lying is crappy? Try not to do it. You might have an easier time interacting with people.

Like many catfishers, Felicia seemed to have a troubled childhood and a difficult relationship with her parents. Catfishing was an escape, but this time things were different — she’d used her real pictures and real personality when she started talking to Mike. Maybe that’s why she seemed so hurt when Mike wasn’t sure about their relationship after she revealed her lies.

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This was the season finale, but there were no crazy, scream-at-your-TV-screen moments. Detective Nev and his carpal tunnel brace had pretty much figured everything out before the in-person meeting, and out of all the lies on this show, Felicia’s were among the least offensive. MTV had to have saved this episode for last for a good reason, so the only possible outcome was that Mike and Felicia actually got together and are living happy lives. Right?

Right. It was a happy ending after all, though it probably would’ve been happiest if Felicia hadn’t lied at all. But that probably would’ve been kind of boring, too — aren’t the OMG moments part of the reason we all love this show so much?

What did you think of the finale? Meh or interesting? Can you even contain your excitement for the reunion next week?

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