CBS Orders A Full Season of ‘2 Broke Girls’


2 Broke Girls CBSWhitney Cummings wins again. Despite its luke warm critical response and its complete lack of realism (that is not the real Brooklyn, folks), 2 Broke Girls continue to rake in pretty good ratings. It probably helps that it’s nestled amongst top performers like Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother on CBS’s Monday night line-up, but we won’t split hairs. That’s why it’s among the first few shows of the season to get a full season order from the top network.

We’re still having trouble accepting the fact that a show about two whiny girls and their horse living in a cartoon version of New York’s hippest borough gets such high ratings, but it continues to perform. And, thanks to this news, we’ll have an entire season of episodes over which we can ponder the trying question: why do people love this show so much?

Source: CBS Twitter