CBS Picks Up ‘(Bleep) My Dad Says’

william shatnerIf you happen to be a fan of the dearly CBS departed The New Adventures of Old Christine or The Ghost Whisperer, here’s something that might alleviate your pain from yesterday’s sweep of cancellations. The network officially picked up $#*! My Dad Says, and will air the James Burrows-directed pilot in the fall.

You’re already in on this if you have a Twitter account, but in the rare event you live your life tweet-free, here’s the backstory. 29 year-old Justin Halpern created an account called “Shit My Dad Says” on Twitter and sent out tweets of particularly enlightening phrases from his pithy 74 year-old dad. At this moment, Justin (and his father – he also deserves a portion of the credit) has more than 1,339,000 followers on Twitter. In fact, the tweets were compiled and turned into a book, giving the people who did “Stuff White People Like” a real run for their money.

William Shatner (hold your applause) is cast as the heavy-on-the-wisdom dad, which for those of us who enjoyed his “dramatic readings” of Sarah Palin’s tweets on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, means today is shaping up to be pretty swell. Shatner’s son will be played by Ryan Devlin of Cougar Town, someone I hope is prepared to be outshined by the Shat.

This morning, the Wall Street Journal pointed out the difficulty CBS had with choosing a title for the show, seeing as the title’s first word is as television unfriendly as Janet Jackson. To get around the issue, executives opted to use asterisks and some “shift + number” characters. However, we’re supposed to call it “Bleep,” as in “I couldn’t watch Bleep My Dad Says because my dog died last night.” It doesn’t make sense to say it that way, you’re entirely right. But just think of how devastatingly frustrating it’s going to be to type. That’s the real $#*!. (And not the bleeped kind.)