CBS Picks Up Rob Schneider Family Comedy For Midseason

Rob SchneiderIf there’s anything that I never thought I’d see, it’s Rob Schneider in a family comedy on CBS. Shouldn’t he be off pretending to be a gigolo or some other squirrelly character? Or maybe even that token weirdo in every Adam Sandler movie? Schneider’s great, but a family sitcom guy he is not. So, imagine my surprise when the news hit that CBS ordered 8 episodes of Scheider’s multi-camera sitcom about a bachelor’s transition to living with his new wife’s tight-knit family for midseason.

The series, based on events in Schneider’s own life, follows his character as he learns to adapt to his the traditions and togetherness of his new wife’s Mexican-American family. The pilot was optioned for Fall, but failed to gain traction, so with a few casting changes — including adding Cheech Marin as his father-in-law — the show is back on the road. Its 8-episode pick up is a bit of a tentative order, but with good reason. The series could surprise us, or it could go the route of George Lopez’s old sitcom and play off of broad Mexican-American stereotypes instead of just delving into our set of main characters’ actual personalities. Hopefully, Schneider’s got something a little different up his sleeves.

The untitled comedy joins the crime drama 2-2 in the midseason boat.

Source: Deadline