CBS Renews Five New Fall Shows

William ShatnerApparently CBS is killing it. They just ordered full seasons from five of their brand new fall shows. The Defenders, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, Mike and Molly, and $#*! My Dad Says can all boast a slight increase in life expectancy. I extend my congratulations to these shows’ creators, but I can’t say I’m happy to see all these shows stay on the boob tube.

That’s really my big problem with television – the reality of it all. No, I don’t mean shows like the Jersey Shore; there’s a special place in my heart for trashy reality television. I mean the sad fact that ratings are essentially king, and while so many great shows can’t seem to pull in the numbers, a show that literally has the word “shit” in its name is allowed to stay. (Although I will gleefully note that $#*! only garnered a six-episode extension instead of the usual nine.) Beyond the obvious S#*! (I’m having way too much fun calling it that), two other equally unworthy shows are also getting a second round; also returning are Mike and Molly (the holy grail of fat-joke sitcoms) and The Defenders. (Why, oh why would they give Jim Belushi another show? Was According to Jim not painful enough?)

The bright spots in CBS’ new lineup are the fun remake, Hawaii Five-0, and The Sopranos wannabe, Blue Bloods. These shows aren’t exactly my cup o’ tea, but I can appreciate why they’re pulling in 14.2 million viewers and 12.7 million viewers, respectively. As for the other three, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around why they garner over 10 million viewers each.

With all this success comes a little bit of a headache for CBS. I guess they didn’t think that all of these shows will perform so well, because they don’t seem to have enough room for the newbies and their mid season replacements like the Criminal Minds spin off and a Paula Abdul reality show. The network’s still figuring out how to fit all the pieces together, but if you ask me, Paula’s show is dead weight. Been there, done that. I’d rather watch a marathon of $#*!. Seriously.

Source: Reuters