Channing Tatum Dresses Like a Tween Girl — VIDEO


Channing Tatum as a girl Dear Channing Tatum, Please stop being so awesomesauce. You’re making it difficult for the rest of us. 

Tatum continued his tour of adorable, lovable antics in support of his new stripper flick Magic Mike by spending some time with Jimmy Fallon… while wearing a dress and putting on his best tween-ccent. After Emma Stone dropped by Fallon’s funhouse of a late night show to jump start the Ew! series, Tatum took up the torch and joined Fallon. 
And while Jimmy’s girl-ccent sounds a little more like Barry “effing” Gibb than a One Direction-worshipper, Tatum is on his game as “little” Susie Callahan. He even keeps his dumbfounded tween face in tact when he takes a break to show off Susie’s newly acquired hip hop dance moves – though they do look oddly similar to Tatum’s now famous stripper moves. 
Sit back, watch, and enjoy the heck out of this little video. It’s oddly adorable, kind of like Dustin Hoffman.

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Channing Tatum on Ew!