Channing Tatum Heats Up the ‘Today’ Show with a ‘Magic Mike’ Flashmob — VIDEO


Channing Tatum Magic MIkeWhat better way to celebrate the impending New York City heatwave than with a flash mob of — wait for it— dancers decked out in booty shorts and crop tops that are lead by — wait for it — Channing Tatum in celebration of his stripper ballad Magic Mike? Alright. That’s it. There is no better way. Bring on the dog days of summer!

As awkward as the sudden outburst of scantily-clad, gyrating dancers was on the June 27 episode of NBC’s Today was, it was quickly rendered adorable by Tatum’s seeming acknowledgement of the ridiculousness of the whole affair. (Plus, it’s one of the less awkward things to happen on the show over the past week.) 
He had all the presence of a birthday boy dragged onstage at the piano bar his friends so cruelly forced upon him. He’s mortified, but he wears a cheery grin and rolls with it. Still, the man who just made a movie inspired by his early days as a stripper seems to actually be blushing a bit, if that’s even possible.
As for the final twist of the performance, we’ll leave a little of air mystery by giving you this little quizlet: How Well Do You Know Channing?! OMG. 
At the end of the flashmob, Channing Tatum rips his shirt open to reveal:
A) His impossibly well-formed chest
B) A Magic Mike tank top
C) A life-size tattoo of Jonah Hill‘s face
You could guess, or you could watch the strange and wonderful video from the Today Show. Your call.

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