Charles Barkley Is Almost Skinny Again: Late Last Night

Charles Barkley gave Conan his thoughts on President Obama’s basketball skills — and revealed that he’s lost 50 pounds. His secret? “If it tastes good, spit it out.”

Chelsea Handler was surprisingly funny as she told Leno on The Tonight Show all about her naked TV show — and suggested that Leno start wearing a bra.

Magic Johnson made a huge announcement on Jimmy Kimmel: he’s given up coffee and basketball to bring a NFL team to Los Angeles.


Kristen Schaal told Jon Stewart on The Daily Show that she wants to help save Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion because they’re classier than internet porn. I mean, bunny wears a bow-tie, duh!

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Tom Vilsack brought a special present to the host of The Cobert Report: a 25-pound Stephen Colbert head made out of cheddar cheese from Wisconsin. Mmmmm. Cheese. Mmmmm.

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