‘Charlie’s Angels’ Recap: Angels in Chains

charlie's angelsS1E4: Tonight’s episode of Charlie’s Angels featured what seems to be a recurring theme on the show: exes. It also shed some light on Bosley’s relationship with Charlie’s daughter, Elizabeth, whom Bosley was unable to save. It still haunts him. This episode was actually all about Bosley, but I digress …

The Angels’ mission: Go down to Cuba to find and rescue a girl named Tess Walters. Of course, getting into and going to Cuba isn’t an easy feat these days, and it doesn’t take long for the Angels to experience some resistance.

They almost immediately find their way into a ladies’ prison, and they almost immediately get (purposely) sent “the hole,” where a weary, defeated-looking Tess has been holed up for God-knows-how-long. Luckily, Bosley — who is working together with his ex, a CIA agent named Samantha Masters — has a plan to bust them out. Unluckily, however, just as they are all about to put that plan into action, the operation is sabotaged by the American-hating prison warden (guest star Elizabeth Pena).

That’s also when we meet Jonathan Cartwright, a clearly no-good American businessman who has not-so-savory plans for some of the female prisoners, like prostitution. The Angels go along with it, relying on Bosley to quickly change his plans for their escape. To no one’s surprise — except for maybe the unsuspecting “Johns” — Bosley’s plan works, at least somewhat: Eve initially, and quite unselfishly, offers to become Cartwright’s hostage in order for Tess to go free.

Of course, that doesn’t sit well with Bosley and the other Angels, and they demand Cartwright return Eve. He acquiesces, under the condition that they trade Samantha for Eve.At Samantha’s insistence, they relent, but ultimately — with help from guns and that prison warden, who changes teams — Samantha returns in one piece, with Cartwright handcuffed to boot. And the Angels win again!


Abbie: When the Angels find themselves in prison and she’s locked in her own cell, Abbie using some sort of sewing she had hidden in her shoe to unlock her cell door. When a suspicious guard comes over to investigate the racket, she swings the door open … into his face! Bonus: She then locks him in HER cell.

Eve and Kate: Upon being arrested and placed in prison, these two start a brawl in the commissary, on purpose — so that they’ll be taken to the hole and find Tess. They probably didn’t plan, however, on engaging the biggest, baddest woman in the whole prison to get there!