‘Charlie’s Angels’ Recap: Runway Angels


the x factorS1E2: Last week’s Charlie’s Angels series (reboot) premiere ended with the two Angels, Kate and Abbie, finally, officially welcoming Eve into the group. Tonight’s episode sees them collaborating as if it’d always been that way.

Things kick off at a fashion show, with Eve and Abbie working the runway, Kate posing as a spectator in the first row, and bosley posing as a security guard — and smirking when Eve almost reveals some sideboob. They’re undercover investigating a model who’s been missing and because they have a suspect in mind who’s guaranteed to be on hand, stalking the pretty young things behind the safety of his camera.

They quickly learn that their suspect isn’t involved, but it sends them in the right direction, down a trail of suspects that ultimately leads them to their man. The first one to question is Devin, the roommate of the missing girl, Gabriela. The Angels find it odd that Devin is already on the hunt for a new roommate and that she lives in a bona fide mansion on the water. So Abbie volunteers to be the one posing as a desperate, starving (no pun intended) model in need of a house, and even though she has no money for rent, Devin is happy to house her.

While on the tour of the mansion, Abbie notices the yellow tape still on the missing Gabriela’s door and assures the other two Angels, who are listening in and tracking her every move, that Devin knows more than she is letting and/or is involved in Gabriela’s disappearance.

Devin soon introduces Abbie to her lawyer, Mitch, a clear-cut sleazeball even before he opens his mouth and offers Abbie an easy way to supplement her income, which he promises to explain over dinner. At dinner, Mitch introduces Abbie to his “client,” Carlos Obregon, and that’s when things start to become a little clearer: Abbie is offered upwards of $200,000 to marry Obregon on paper — “no intimate contact” — so he can obtain a green card, which is a scam that all the models, including Gabriela (who is sadly found dead), were doing.

Ultimately, their cover at the restaurant becomes blown by Mitch, but he is apprehended, and the new development forces Devin to start cooperating, or else. And it leads the Angels to the real bad guy: Simon Genks, aka Nikolai Denko, a Czechan war veteran-turned-assassin who blames the Russians for his wife’s death and is planning on taking out his anger on the First Lady of Russia … by assassinating her in Miami (she’s in town)!

But of course, that’s not gonna happen on the Angels’ watch. They learn of his plans and promptly attempt to foil them, and after a couple close calls — including a slow-motion dive to protect the first lady and a second shooter — they succeed. All seemingly ends well and peacefully, except for the romance department: Kate’s ex-fiancee (Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy!), for whom she appeared to still have feelings and with whom she’d worked throughout the whole case (he’s a Miami police detective), finally shows interest in getting back together, only to be spurned by Kate. At least for now.


Kate: She poses as a fashion photographer to take pictures of suspect Devin and plays a caricature of the stereotype (uttering nonsensical things like “Smile with your eyes!” and shouting the obligatory “Fierce! Fierce!”), thus meeting the show’s quota of one funny scene per episode.

Abbie: After the aforementioned Mitch catches her talking to the other Angels covertly and pulls a gun on her, she roundhouses him to the ground, leading to a toilet swirly.

Eve: Early in the episode, after all the Angels catch the stalker and corner him, it seems as though he’s willing to surrender and cooperate. And then Eve tackles him into the Miami River!