Charlie Sheen Is “Clean” And Heading Back to Work     

Hollywood.comWell, the inevitable (read: contractually-insured) has happened. Despite getting shipped off to rehab (in his own home) after his violent, cocaine-fueled hooker orgy made headlines last October, Two and a Half Men star and national treasure Charlie Sheen is heading back to work.

“I heal really quickly but I also unravel pretty quickly,” Sheen said in a recent radio interview with Dan Patrick, in which he claimed he was “One hundred percent” sober. “So get me right now, guys.” Studio execs must have figured there was actually some wisdom to that strategy, and have decided to strike while the hammer is clean, so to speak.

Although the hit CBS comedy was forced to take a four-week hiatus, production is now set to resume February 28 at the Warner Bros set in Hollywood, California. However, as had previously been speculated, Warner Bros TV has decided to produce only four more episodes of Men — a full four episodes short of the original 24-episode order. Still no word on who, if anyone, will be paying the hundreds of people who became temporarily unemployed when Sheen was hospitalized. Thanks, Charlie.

Source: Deadline