Charlie Sheen Officially Has a Comedy Central Roastmaster

Seth MacFarlaneAnd it’s Seth MacFarlane, who is becoming the Billy Crystal of the Comedy Central Roast. His upcoming stint as Charlie Sheen‘s roastmaster, set to air September 19, will be his third time playing the role (he previously oversaw the Roasts of David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump). It’s no surprise that Comedy Central would tap the Family Guy creator repeatedly: he makes his living on jabs at celebrities and pieces of pop culture. And Sheen is not exactly a hard field to mine.

But no matter what you feel about MacFarlane’s abilities as a comedy writer, the unavoidable sentiment here is that a lot of the material will be worn out. Sheen incurred the spotlight for a longer time than anyone though the media was capable of committing to a person (Hollywood’s attention span might be growing), and in that time, every conceivable drug, prostitute, mental illness, too-much-money, and Hot Shots! Part Deux joke was made. So, in slight contrast my previous claim, Sheen might actually be a hard field to mine.

And, as reported, Sheen’s Roast will still be sharing a broadcast night with the premiere of Two and a Half Men’s ninth season. I suppose we can rule out surprise (and violent) visits from former cast members in Comedy Central’s studios.

Source: EW