Charlie Sheen Seeks New Television Deal

Charlie SheenIt was nice while it lasted. The feeling of security when you turn on the morning news. The relaxed enjoyment of talk show hosts’ opening monologues. The discussions with friends about anything other than Charlie Sheen. We thought we’d never have to deal with this again. Once he burned out his welcome in the public eye via his one-man show, we figured we wouldn’t have to spend our days listening to tirades of allusions to jungle cats and clearly misconstrued mythologies. But our safe period—the Sheen-Free period—looks like it might be over.

After Ashton Kutcher took his spot on Two and a Half Men, Sheen sought a deal with Fox for a sitcom role, meeting with the network’s president, David Hill, its alternative president (whatever that means), Mike Darnell, and the entertainment chairman, Peter Rice. But it’s safe to assume the executives are hesitant—and rightfully so—to work with this cataclysm of a human being, this lesser brother of Coach Bombay, as, since their meeting, nothing seems to have materialized.

Another attempt by Sheen was aimed at HBO—a comedy series called Sheen’s Corner—which also seems to have fallen through (if it indeed was ever even a legitimate possibility). So yes, Sheen is back in the news. But maybe this time around the networks know better as to not let him stay there.

Source: Deadline