Charlie Sheen Will Undergo Comedy Central Roast

Charlie Sheen Will Undergo Comedy Central Roast

Charlie SheenDidn’t we already do this? I mean collectively, as a country. All anyone talked about for the early weeks of 2011 was Charlie Sheen—jokes about his behavior and mental instability bombarded the public lexicon. So, a Comedy Central Roast of the madman seems like overkill.

Naturally, Sheen couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming television event, which will air on September 19. Even less surprisingly, this is the same date of the season premiere of Two and a Half Men on CBS, starring Sheen’s replacement, Ashton Kutcher. If the time slots sync up, that’d be the ultimate execution of spite. Although, the actor-stage-performer-incubus might be overselling his lasting appeal. How much more Sheen-teasing can America really take? He had his moment in the sun.

The only possibility of significance here is for a repeat of the Chevy Chase roast situation, where the jokes come across more severe and hard-hitting to the point where the subject (in this case, a much more deserving subject—I’ll always be in your corner, Chevy) actually takes the hint. Either way, this event is sure to happen, right on this very specific schedule. After all, it’s not like Charlie Sheen is the unreliable type.

Source: Vulture