Check Out Clips From The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake

Dirty Dancing is one of, if not the, best dance movies of all time. The film came out in 1987 and the film has some of the most iconic dance scenes and songs. Not only that, but it dealt with issues of class and teen problems that are still very much relevant today. It’s been some time since the film came out, and now ABC is doing a TV film of the original.


The film follows Baby (Abigail Breslin), the daughter of a rich family that has gone up to the mountain resort for vacation. There is a weekly dance at a nearby resort, where Baby gets her first glimpse of  Penny (Nicole Scherzinger) and Johnny (Colt Prattes) dancing.


The staff holds secret dance parties where guests aren’t allowed and Baby finds herself at one after helping someone lug watermelons when she finds herself with Johnny having an impromptu dance session.


Penny can’t dance with Johnny (won’t spoil the reason why), so Baby says she will be his dance partner. Baby needs some work, so she works with Johnny’s partner Penny for some lessons, where she learns the man has to lead in ballroom dancing to make it work.


Dirty Dancing will air Wednesday, March 24, 2017, at 8 PM ET on ABC.