Chelsea Handler Gets New Show And New Excuse To Get Drunk

Chelsea HandlerChelsea Handler will star in a new show that is sort of based on her current show. After Lately will be semi-scripted and deal with the fictional going-ons behind the scenes of a fictional television show that is remarkably similar to Handler’s current show. Regulars from Chelsea Lately will appear on the show and celebrity guest appearances are more than likely going to happen.

Because of the nature of the show, it has been getting comparisons to Curb Your Enthusiasm for its semi-scripted production and documentary feel, and The Larry Sanders Show for dealing with the behind the scenes shenanigans of a talk show. But those comparisons aren’t exactly fair. Curb and Larry Sanders are two fantastic and groundbreaking shows, the likes of which Chelsea Handler will never even come close to achieving. In fact, it’s not even fair to the English language to speak that sentence. It’s not even fair to the pixels on your computer screen having to form the shapes necessary to portray that sentence. Going even further to kill this joke, it’s not even fair to the synapses in your brain having to fire their neurons in a way that made you even think of that idea.

And please say I feel this way because she’s a woman and women have already had a hard time in comedy cause it’s a boy’s world. Please. Feel free to say that. Because if you do, you’re a moron. Chelsea Handler isn’t funny. That’s the only reason why I feel this way. I love having funny women around. In fact, I wish there were more women in comedy. Do you think I like hanging out in sausage fests all the time? Hell no! I love me some funny ladies. But Chelsea Handler is not funny and is not a good inspiration for female comedians. The so called “barriers” she attempts to break down are only further re-enforced every time she speaks. Wanna know how to be a funny female comedian? Don’t do anything that Chelsea Handler does. Just be funny. That’s all you have to do. Just be funny. It seems to be something Chelsea Handler forgot to learn.

Source: TV Squad