‘Children’s Hospital’s’ Long-Awaited ‘Party Down’ Reunion is Pretty Brief

It happened! Party Down made it back to television — albeit only for a brief beautiful moment, but it made it nonetheless. Last night on Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital, we saw the return of a few of our favorite Party Down folks including Megan Mullally and Ken Marino (who were pulling double duty since they stars in the show as doctors), Lizzy Kaplan and my personal favorite, Martin Starr. Unfortunatley, Adam Scott’s booming career managed to keep him away from all the fun. The episode was all about Marino’s bar mitzvah, where our favorite Party Downers were the oh-so willing caterers. Sure, you probably don’t want to show this clip to that one friend you’re trying to convince to watch Party Down’s only two seasons on Netflix; it’s a bit of a lightning round slice of reminiscence for those of us who already love the defunct, yet brilliant series. It did however make me want to go back through the few glorious episodes we were blessed with for a brief moment in time.

Source: Vulture

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