‘CHiPs’ Star and the Apocalypse Coming to ‘Parks & Recreation’

Parks & RecWe’re about to see the merging of legendary television phenomena from past and present… perhaps this is a sign of the apocalypse.

This fall, NBC’s Parks & Recreation, arguably the funniest, cleverest sitcom on television, filled with an insuperably talented cast playing addictive, nuanced characters who actually might reinstate your faith in humanity, will welcome a guest from TV history. Fans of Parks & Rec may recall, in one of Leslie Knope’s (the great Amy Poehler) upbeat monologues, mention of a cult that swept the show’s setting of Pawnee, Indiana back in the 1970s. Well, apparently the cult is still going strong, and we are about to meet its leader, Herb, in the form of none other than CHiPs‘ heroic Robert Pine, father of the actor Chris Pine.


was groundwork for unforgettable TV. It made television a cinematic experience. High-stakes intensity was not just limited to the big screen anymore, and CHiPs understood and perfected that.

As for Parks & Recreation, this is just a testament to how great the writers on the show are. What could have been a throwaway joke is turning into a full story for Leslie and her department to combat. The writing team is clearly dedicated to the little world they have created. Nothing is just tossed away or ignored. They love Pawnee, which is why we do.

The senior Pine, playing the eccentric cult leader, will visit the Parks Department with word of an imminent apocalypse, and plans to host an all-night vigil in the park. This will occur on Season 4’s fifth episode. The premiere of the season will debut September 22.

Source: TVLine