Chris Colfer Finally Confirms He’s Staying on ‘Glee’: Late Last Night

Last night, Glee star Chris Colfer showed up on The Tonight Show to FINALLY answer the question, once and for all, about whether he is staying on Glee after Season 3. He also discussed his Emmy nomination and shared his experience in a “downtown” hospital after an exotic dancing-induced injury.

Elijah Wood stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to share a story about meeting a perfectly normal fan in a Quizno’s…and then he shared a video of this fan, who turned out to be a lot more passionate than he thought.


Sarah Jessica Parker visited The Late Show to talk about her extremely eventful journey to see the Bolshoi in Russia. It took a lot to get in: she was manhandled, insulted and kissed by a drunken man, may have inadvertently ruined a marriage, and had to really get in touch with her miming skills.

Finally, Marion Cotillard appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the amazing cast of Academy Award-winning actors in her new film Contagion… and how she didn’t get to work with ANY of them.