Chris Evans Is Pretty Bad at Beer Pong: Late Last Night

Captain America, a.k.a. Chris Evans, stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie, but who wants to hear about that? I didn’t think so. I know what you want and that’s a video of Evans failing miserably at beer pong. Dude, even Betty White brought more game than Captain America. Step it up, Evans.

Tom Felton

stopped by Late Night With David Letterman to promote his new rap album — oh wait, he’s not doing that? Damnit. He stopped by Letterman to not speak at all while Regis Philbin offered to take him to Montana and hijacked his interview. This feels like a conversation with two old guys on a train that you just can’t escape. Enjoy the awkwardness.

The infinitely charming Seth Meyers chatted with Jay Leno about hosting the ESPY awards, but first he needed to prove his worth as a sports fan. He’s been to a Cubs game, woo! The folks at Wrigley Field asked him to sing “Take Me Out to The Ball Game” and apparently it was a very trying experience.

Finally, apparently Kid Rock is still around. And it seems he’s less of a badass and more of a philanthropist? This Daily Show interview is our proof, I know you’ll need it.