Chris Evans Reveals Captain America’s True Powers on ‘Fallon’— VIDEO


Captain AmericaThe Hulk has super-strength. Thor can control the weather. And Captain America… well, according to portrayer Chris Evans, “he’s a really good guy.” Evans appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to discuss his upcoming, long-awaited movie The Avengers. After stumbling through a very bizarre story about his meeting with Ben Affleck, Evans jumped right into the main problem facing his Marvel hero, Captain America: he doesn’t really have any powers.

“This guy has no business in this crew,” said Evans, laughing about Cap’s incompetence. The superstar actor wasn’t shy about denigrating his character (or himself, for that matter — that Affleck story doesn’t exactly bode well for Evans’ charisma), rattling off a few pretty funny scenarios wherein the American hero’s un-superness shines through.

Check out the video, and catch The Avengers in theaters on Friday, May 4.


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