Christina Applegate’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo Was 19 Years In the Making 



Reunited and it feels so good. 
It’s been 19 — yes, 19 — years since Christina Applegate last hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared in one of the most beloved sketches in the show’s history. Back then she was the smoking hot blonde funny lady on an unconventional sitcom (Married… With Children) and now she’s… the smoking hot blonde funny lady on an unconventional sitcom (Up All Night). To be fair, more than a few things have changed with Applegate since she last visited 8H, but the promo relies heavily on the reminder that 1993 was, well, a really long time ago. I mean, self-proclaimed “America’s sweetheart” Jason Sudeikis was only 5 at the time! (Editor’s note: No he wasn’t.) 
The brief spot doesn’t do much justice to the comedic gem that is Applegate, though the whole thing is redeemed by that totally rad New Jack Swing style outro. Then again, a weaker promo could bode well for the actress. Last week Daniel Craig had one of the funniest SNL promos in recent memory and seemed poised to be one of the most unexpectedly hilarious hosts. That was, until, unfortunately, it turned out to be a pretty weak episode. So, by that notion, this could be a homerun for Applegate. Plus, it’s about damn time a lady hosted this season! 
Check out the 90s nostalgic video here: 

Applegate hosts SNL on Oct. 13 with musical guests Passion Pit. Take us to Pleasure Town! 
[Photo credit: NBC]