Christina Hendricks On ‘Mad Men’ Season 4: Late Last Night

In these times of economic dismay and bedbug-inhabited furniture, it’s always pleasant to look back on times that were simpler by catching an episode of Mad Men. Smoking wasn’t bad for you yet, cocktails at 10 AM were totally normal, and cheating on your wife didn’t necessarily mean she’d divorce you faster than the time it took for her to organize your shotgun wedding. And last night, Christina Hendricks prepped Jimmy Fallon and the rest of us us for all those memories to come flooding back to us, when Mad Men returns on Sunday for it’s fourth season.

And Kevin Connolly of Entourage told Jimmy how much he wanted to film one hundred episodes of the show before it ends after the eighth season. He even, bless his soul, offered to film two episodes for free JUST so they could break the barrier! Can you imagine? What an act of charity and humility!

And I know you’ve been dying to hear what Wanda Sykes thinks about the Mel Gibson tapes, and to hear which horrible terrorist she thinks he’s like.

She also told Jay Leno what her trip to France was like, and why it wasn’t a vacation.

And finally, Joan Rivers talked to David Letterman about why she was banned from late night television. She also spread some of her husband’s ashes on his desk. I’d say she got her revenge!