Christina Hendricks To Guest On ‘Top Chef Masters’

Christina HendricksAsk anyone who knows me and they will tell you my three favorite things in the world are: 1) Food (nom nom) 2) Attractive redheads (om nom nom) and 3) Guys who have disproportionally hot wives (seriously, if this can happen then there is hope for me). And with that new insight into my life, here is the greatest news I can ever hope to report:

Christina Hendricks will be on a 60’s themed Top Chef Masters episode.

Wooooo! The chefs will dish up grub with a 60’s theme (although a contest with food left over from the 60’s would be more of a challenge) and Hendricks and her husband Geoffrey Arend will partake in the glory. While there isn’t a date for the episode, let alone the premiere of this season, we’ll just go ahead and sit down in front of the TV and wait. Just to be safe.

Source: EW