‘Chuck’ Lives On! Star Zachary Levi Nabs Fox Comedy

Zachary Levi nerd machinefans, rejoice. You will not go Zachary Levi-less forever. The former accidental super spy has some time on his hands now that the NBC action comedy has ended its five-season run. And to keep himself busy, Levi has signed on to a new Fox series, called Let It Go. Despite being from Rescue Me co-creator Peter Tolan, the series will traverse half-hour sitcom terrain, revolving around a married couple. One can only assume this won’t involve firefighters with post-traumatic stress and issues with alcohol. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will focus on the married couple (of which Levi comprises one half), the husband’s best friend and the wife’s sister “as they try to navigate, negotiate and sometimes manipulate society’s unspoken rules.” So it’s New Girl for marrieds? Multiplied by According to Jim? And did we mention it’s a single-camera series?

It makes sense that Fox would rush to snap up Levi fresh off his run on Chuck. While he hasn’t gained great success in the film arena (though you’ve got to love his Flynn Rider from Tangled), he’s infinitely likable, treading that thin line between geek and leading man. Why do you think fans were so apt to sign petitions and write letters to NBC to keep Chuck on the air? (Of course, some of that credit has to go to Yvonne Strahovski’s sexy spy get-ups.)

Are you ready to see Levi back in the small screen spotlight?

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Source: THR