Clark Duke on ‘The Office’: Is Dwight Getting a Partner in Crime?

Clark DukeThe eight seasons of The Office have shown series favorite Dwight Schrute at constant odds with the rest of the human population. The paper salesman/beet farmer/B&B operator has spent a good portion of his time on the show alienating his coworkers, most notably deskmate Jim. But on a few instances, Dwight has been shown to be interested in finding a friend for himself — he’s tried his hand at Andy, Ryan, the guy from the shoe store, his cousin Mose… but now, he might have his best turn of luck yet: TVLine reports that Clark Duke is in talks to join The Office‘s upcoming ninth season.

There’s no word yet on what character the actor might play on The Office, but he’s really just a stone’s throw away from Dwight himself. Look at him: he’s got the glasses, the fashion sense. He’s got that odd misappropriation of his own degree of belonging. Duke might well provide the workplace companionship that the lunatic Dwight has been seeking for so long.

Plus, Duke’s past roles might be able to get him ready for the Schrute world. Fans know that Dwight is an aficionado of the science fiction and fantasy genres: Duke has forayed into the realities of time travel (Hot Tub Time Machine), superhero-dom (Kick-Ass), and, most recently, trees that can make people stop talking (A Thousand Words).

But perhaps the Dwightiest of all of Duke’s roles comes from the ABC Family comedy series Greek. On the show, Duke played a highly intelligent, self-aggrandizing, and somewhat antisocial and intolerant college student who, beneath all of his flaws, proves to be a generally decent guy. So all he really needs is a haircut and a knowledge of beets, and he’s golden.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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