Looks Like ‘The Cleveland Show’ Is Getting Canceled

 Credit: Fox

No one wants to cancel a TV show anymore. It’s like you have to divine a whole bunch of signs and then read the future and the network won’t confirm it until it is long off the air. Well, if you look at all the signals we’re getting from Fox about the fate of the low-rated The Cleveland Show, it looks like the show isn’t going to be back this spring. 

Most damningly, the website Cartoon Brew reports that it is canceled. Fox won’t confirm whether or not it is coming back, but that’s standard issue for network PR departments these days (hoping that if they won’t confirm it no one will report that it’s gone). However all the other Sunday night comedies like The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and even Bob’s Burgers have already been renewed. That doesn’t leave much room for Seth MacFarlane‘s bastard child (especially considering it takes far longer to get animated shows on the air than traditional scripted fare). 

So, sadly, it looks like The Cleveland Show is going to that great cartoon graveyard in the sky. Either that or Fox is just going to give it new zombie life in a season or two after it becomes a hit on cable and DVD. Hey, it worked with Family Guy! Maybe that’s why they’re so scared to use the word “cancel.” 

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