Coaches Tell Us What They Love About ‘The Voice’


It’s no surprise everyone loves the Blind Auditions.

Auditions, in general, are the best part of any competition show. It’s extra special for this show because people are only judged on if they can sing or not. Things like looks aren’t a factor, and movement and stage presence can always be taught. Once that’s over and unlike other reality competition shows, the competitors are then mentored by their coaches to really bring out what they have.

Newcomer Kelly Clarkson knows a little bit about winning a reality competition show, as she is the first-ever American Idol winner, and perhaps more importantly, one of the most successful people coming from that show. In the above interview, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine talk about what sets this show apart from the other competition shows, and why ‘The Voice’ is special.


‘The Voice’ Season 14 begins February 26, 2018, on NBC.

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