Colbert Thumbs-Wrestles Sugar Ray Leonard: Late Last Night

You can always tell when Stephen Colbert is really into his interviews. He starts talking about his upbringing, he gets even more animated than usual, and he just seems happier, like in this interview with Sugar Ray Leonard. He probably did grow up watching the guy fight and so thumb-wrestling him has to be a dream come true.

Paris Hilton was on Jimmy Kimmel and yeah, it was about as stupid as you would imagine.

Oh, and then there’s Kevin Bacon. He made a nice attempt at some jokes and clever wordplay on Leno, but come on, brother. And a great way to win over Leno’s middle-class audience is to talk about how awful being anonymous is. Really smooth, Baconator.

Finally, that damn Kyle Chandler chatted with David Letterman. Here I am being all cynical and here he is taking a marble at every stop on his press tour for his daughter, being absolute polite to Dave, and being genuinely excited about his new movie. That’s enough to melt a ice-cold heart like mine.