Comedy Awards 2012: Behind the Scenes With Louis C.K, Amy Poehler & More

Kristen Wiig Annie Mumolo Comedy AwardsThe Second Annual Comedy Awards aired on Comedy Central May 6, but when the action went down on April 28 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York for the taping of the show, was on the scene to get backstage funnies from some of the top names in comedy. Now, that we’ve all recovered from our first round of giggle fits, prepare for round two: Quotes from your favorite funny people. Keep this up, and we’ll all be rocking six packs in no time!

Robin Williams on modern technology:
“[I have an idea for] a Blackberry app, it’s called the Moral GPS. ‘The girl your hitting on is the same age as your daughter, re-route.'”
Louis CK on Winning All the Comedy Awards:
“I’d be crazy if I left here with [these awards] and said, ‘Now there’s no stopping me!’ … This is a weird thing for me, it doesn’t fit into any natural function. It’s like if I got asked to go be an accountant … I’m just not great at, I think some people are probably better at it.”
Amy Poehler and Robin William on Why They Don’t Do Twitter:
“Twitter sounds like a nightmare …. that just sounds like a mistake waiting to happen.” -Poehler
“I tried Twitter once and I had one tweet. It was ‘I’m on the road’ and then I gave up.” -Williams
Parks and Recreation Creator Mike Schur on the Potential for Next Season:
“Our plan is to make it about 40 percent worse, but that could change.”
Aisha Tyler on Why Archer Won Best Animated Comedy:
“Nudity always wins … this is like Jesse Owens winning the 1936 Olympics.”
Robin Williams on Small Comedy Clubs:
“When you see these guys in a small venue … it’s like seeing jazz … before cell phones, before tweets, when you saw it, that was it.”
Rob Riggle on the 21 Jump Street Sequel:
“Please, Jonah. Let me back in.”
John Oliver on Lindsay Lohan’s Attendance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner:
“I think somehow we are failing as a society, each and every one of us, if Lindsay Lohan is a presence in that room. I feel like we’ve all let America down in a way that we’ve let this happen. I feel some responsibility … You’ve just broken my heart.”

Wendi McLendon-Covey on Bridesmaids’ Many Comedy Awards Nominations:
“Let’s just say it. I’m gonna be honest, I’m gonna truthify. We deserve it.”
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