‘Comic Book Men’: What Exactly is a Zombie Run? — EXCLUSIVE PICS

Exercise. Charity. Zombies. The three pinnacles of leading a healthy, responsible, contributory lifestyle. And this week’s episode of Comic Book Men will cover all bases, with stars Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic opt to participate in a 5K run for a charity sponsored by their pal, filmmaker Kevin Smith. But here’s the kicker: AMC refers to the race as a “Zombie Run.”

Hollywood.com has obtained the exclusive pics below, which feature the Comic Book Men team in their usual habitat, prepping (or not) for the race to come. And our questions are plentiful. Do they run away from zombies? Do they try and hunt them down? Are the runners themselves adopting the personae of zombies? Mysterious aplenty.

Catch Comic Book Men’s next episode, “The Running Dead,” at 11:30 PM on Sunday on AMC.

Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men

[Photo Credit: AMC (2)]


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