Comic-Con 2012: ‘Wilfred’ Isn’t Real? Say It Ain’t So!


WilfredWhen I spoke to Wilfred star Jason Gann last month, he told me that he likes to subscribe to the belief that the lovable-ish pup is some sort of magical creature — not a figment of Ryan’s (Elijah Wood) depressed, pot-filled imagination. Well, director Randall Einhorn majorly disagrees. Not only that, but he shot each episode this season from the perspective of Wilfred being totally imaginary. (I know, right?) And to blow your mind even more — Gann is a cat person! sat down with the cast and crew at the Hilton Bayfront on Thursday, where they discussed a generally darker season that will lead up to “a big surprise.” Producer David Zuckerman says he’s filled this current season with clues as to what this surprise may be, but fans in general haven’t seemed to locate them yet. Let’s just hope it’s not what Einhorn admits is a “good theory” — that Wilfred is Ryan’s guide to the afterlife.

Heavy stuff, right? But the Wilfred session wasn’t all gloom and doom. Wood and Gann both mentioned an upcoming episode that features “a lot of cats” that had both of them in stitches, as well as Wilfred’s upcoming stint in “doggie dancing.” “The cat episode is damn funny,” Wood says.

Ryan’s sister, Kristen (Dorian Brown) returns from India during tonight’s episode, and even though her “world is ending” — she’s jobless, homeless, and spouseless — there is a silver lining from a comedy perspective. Since Kristen is now a mother, the show needed to cast a baby — but everyone knows that babies are terrible to work with, so the Wilfred team enlisted one of those fake babies you carry around with you in high school health class instead. During downtime on set, both Wood and Gann enjoyed messing with the fake little bugger. “My instinct was to beat the fake baby up,” he says.

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