‘Common Law’: Michael Ealy’s Smarter Than The Average FBI Agent — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

We’re all familiar with the “antagonistic cops thrust into being pavement pounding partners” concept, but it usually takes some near catastrophe to get them to become the best of friends (with only a few sarcastic bobs from time to time). On the USA series Common Law, it takes a couples’ therapist to bring the duo together, and from the looks of this exclusive clip, she’s doing her job pretty well.

Wes (Warren Kole) and Travis (Michael Ealy) are still bickering, but manage to use their skills and common sense to best a few flashy FBI agents who are in town to pick up the pieces of a home invasion investigation. According to USA, the episode, titled “The T Word” will be about when “the value/danger of truth versus secrecy is explored when Wes and Travis investigate a slew of home invasion robberies committed by a team of masked bandits whose leader just might be one of Travis’ foster brothers.” 

The next episode of Common Law airs June 15 at 10 PM ET on USA. Until then, watch our exclusive clip here: 

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